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NWS Coastal Waters Forecast for East Central Florida (Atlantic Coastal Waters from Flager Beach to Jupiter Inlet)

NWS Coastal Waters Forecast for East Central Florida (Atlantic Coastal Waters from Jupiter Inlet to Ocean Reef)

Volusia County Reef Report

Gary Kessler Associates

Gary C. Kessler

Master SCUBA Diver Trainer
USCG Licensed Captain

Gary C. Kessler is a divemaster, Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, and U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain (50 GT Master/Tow Assist). Gary's primary diving and boating locale is in Daytona Beach and the southeast Florida Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), plus a lot of diving in southeast Florida (from Daytona and Jupiter to the Keys). Gary provides the types of services:

  • Boater training
  • SCUBA charters, course instruction, tours, and vacation planning
  • Spreading of cremated human ashes at sea
  • Officiating at weddings at sea (within the State of Florida)
  • Mooring installation and inspection
  • Captain or relocation services
  • Light salvage and recovery
  • Underwater pipeline and vessel inspection and maintenance
  • Underwater surveys
  • Visual and video inspections

Contact Gary at kumquat@garykessler.net or 802-238-8913.

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