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Wreck Diving on Lake Champlain

The most popular dive destinations in Lake Champlain (Vermont/New York) are the underwater wrecks. The lake is a treasure of underwater historical sites, with several wrecks dating back to the Revolutionary War. Detailed information about these sites, and the rules and guidelines for diving them, can be found at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (LCMM) Underwater Historic Preserves page and the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation (VT DHP) Underwater Historic Preserves page. See also "The Wrecks of Lake Champlain" in the Fall 2016 issue of MAHSnews, The Newsletter of the Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society. See also LCMM's Shipwrecks of Lake Champlain page.

Divers must register in order to dive at the wrecks in Lake Champlain. Registration can be online at the UHP Registration Page.

Gary is the author — and, currently, only instructor — of the PADI Distinctive Specialty course titled The Wrecks of Lake Champlain. To arrange a course in Vermont or if you are a SCUBA instructor and interested in becoming certified to teach this course, contact Gary.

Site Name Site Information
Standard Canal Boat A.R.Noyes
(aka the Coal Barge)
diagram LCMM VT DHP
Steamboat Champlain II   LCMM VT DHP
Diamond Island Canal Boat Stone Boat diagram LCMM VT DHP
Sailing Canal Boat General Butler diagram LCMM VT DHP
Horse Ferry diagram LCMM VT DHP
Sailing Canal Boat O.J.Walker diagram LCMM VT DHP
Steamboat Phoenix diagram LCMM VT DHP
Sloop Island Canal Boat (Wreck Z)   LCMM  
Tugboat U.S. La Vallee   LCMM VT DHP
Lake Schooner Water Witch   LCMM  

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